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Making sure to have a good time

I try to live well, and not spend money on things I don’t really need. Sometimes though, it’s good to get a little frisky and make sure to have a good time. So this weekend, my wife and I dropped our daughter with grandma, and had some well deserved fun. See, we really haven’t gone

Using my time wisely

My time is a precious commodity. I want to make sure that I use it very well, and that it’s not wasted on useless activities, or activities I have no business taking part in. When it comes to business, as well as personal life, I like to make sure that I outsource as much as

My newest conundrum

I don’t normally divulge much about my private life, especially on the interwebs, but since I have a new little conundrum hitting me, I suppose I’ll share a bit. I have a daughter. I won’t tell you the exact age, but lets just say that she still requires help getting ready for school (daycare) in

Hello and Welcome to my Blog

Greetings to everyone out there that has an interest in what I have to say. I don’t know if you’re coming from the same place that I am in regards to what I’ve been through in life, but I hope what I say here has some sort of impact on your life, personal, business, or